Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Congratulations "Ragtime" cast and crew!

Say what you will about awards, especially artistic awards, but it is pretty thrilling that Foothill has received eleven Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award nominations this year!

That is a record for Foothill, even though we've had some heavily nominated shows in the past.

All aspects of production were honored: direction, musical direction, sets, lighting, costumes.

Individual actors were honored: James Iglehart, Mary Melnick, Julie Valentine and Paul Araquistain.

Plus in addition to a nomination for best overall musical, "Ragtime" also snagged a Best Ensemble nomination,

I remember in 1995 when we won that last one for "Assassins." That was back when they did a whole awards banquet and everything. It was pretty cool.

Anyway, it's pretty cool. The complete list is here.

Congratulations again everyone!

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