Monday, February 14, 2005

Relishing the chance to play "mean"!

Our Sweeney, James Iglehart, was one of the performers at the TheatreWorks gala last week.

After the show a little bird I know approached her friend James and teased him that the publicity shots for "Sweeney" made him look like the "nicest Sweeney ever." [See, James has a bit of a reputation as one of the nicest guys on Earth.] The little bird might have been citing this photo:

Of course, those of you who saw James in "Ragtime" know he can show a dark's not like Coalhouse is a big ol' teddy bear in Act II, you know?

James told the little bird that he was relishing the opportunity to play someone who is unabashedly mean. And if you at this publicity shot, I'd say he looks pretty scary. Maybe it's the big knife:

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