Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I review a local production...and admit how bias affects reviews

Fellow Foothill alum Robin and I have often discussed local shows we've seen. He always complains when reviewers review the piece, not the production.

In other words, he'd rather read about how a particular group of actors/performers did with a given piece of work, rather than lengthy dramaturgy about the piece itself.

I can argue that when it's a new work, giving some frame of reference about the piece itself is necessary, but I can agree that when someone is reviewing the umpteenth production of R&H's "South Pacific", one hardly needs to go on at length about the work's strengths and weaknesses. But even if one doesn't go on about it, I would argue that it impacts your review.

So, I recently saw several Foothill alums in SDG's South Pacific, and posted my review here.

But most of the review is really just me explaining how my dislike of "South Pacific" does impact what I think of the production.

Thought y'all might find it interesting.

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