Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I have figured out that Jay must have chosen this year's FMT shows to commemorate the year 1979 for me.

I saw the original production of "Sweeney" on Broadway in December '79. I was a teenager, and I still can't think of a theatrical experience to top this one. The show was huge, dramatic, a musical tragedy...and I probably hadn't seen too many at that point. I was completely swept away, and devastated. I really hadn't figured out any of the ending ahead of time, so it was extremely moving.

I still remember Len Cariou's performance as scary, thrilling, tragic...and perhaps strangely to some of you, sexy. There was a sexiness in his portrayal that helped you understand why Mrs. Lovett might have pined for him all those years. Speaking of, not much to say about Angela Lansbury. You may have seen her on video in the role...brilliant. The only original cast member who was gone was Victor Garber as Anthony. Instead we had Cris Gronendaal. I'm not sure why Gronenedaal had a journeyman Broadway career, rather than becoming a real star. Yes, I know he has a resume most actors would kill for, but he never really became the leading man. This teenager in the balcony thought he was to die for, though.

So, I saw "Sweeney" in late '79, and I had been in a production of "Brigadoon" in the summer of '79.

So, just think of 2205 as the year Foothill paid tribute to the year that 1979 was...for Elisa. I'm flattered. Really.

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