Sunday, October 31, 2004

Sweeney Todd Casting Mostly Done

So, yes, there are three major roles still to be cast, but the bulk of the casting is complete.

Starring opposite James Iglehart as Sweeney will be Diana Torres Koss as Mrs. Lovett. She played the role for TheatreWorks some years back and was terrific.

I happened to go to college with Diana...we're talking more than a few years ago. The great thing about Diana is that she has acting chops to go with her voice. She played Martha in "Who's Afraid of Virigina Woolf" as a senior in college...and pulled it off, if you can believe it!

I'm also excited that a couple of my friends who haven't done theatre in a while are jumping back in to be in the Sweeney ensemble, including Kendra and Jon.

And it sounds like there are some Foothill newbies on the list too.

if you're freaky like me, and like to hear the cast even if you didn't audition, you can call the hotline to listen: 650-949-7414.

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