Saturday, October 23, 2004

Auditions on to Callbacks

Auditions for Sweeney Todd were held last week, an the next step is callbacks. I hate auditioning with a passion, but I think I hate callbacks even more. I mean, there you are, surrounded by your competition, not in the abstract, but in the flesh. And you're all pretty much reading the same scenes and singing the same snippets. And while you're doing that it's hard to imagine how the people watching you (and judging you) can appreciate your true abilities.

Of course, having been on the other side of the audition table, I know that you can usually tell who's got the certain something you are looking for in a role. A lot of times it's not really about who sings this note just a little bit better or read that scene just a little more smoothly. A lot of times it's about a quality that is a part of who the actor is...a quality that mirrors what you had imagined for the role. (And yes, other directors might imagine something totally actors really arecompletely at the mercy of subjective whims.)

If you're interested, you can even call the hotline at 650-949-7414 and listen to the callback list! I know actors (and I'm not naming any names, but one of them might be me) that call and listen to the list, even when they haven't auditioned. It's always fun to hear your old Foothill friends names and picture them in the role.

Good luck everyone!

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