Monday, September 27, 2004

Official Sweeney Todd Audition Info

So my thinly (very thinly) veiled reference to the demon barber can is now official. FMT is doing Sweeney Todd next winter.

Here is the audition info:

Sunday 10/17/04 3-5PM
Monday 10/18/04 7-9:30pm

10/23-10/25 by appointment

Foothill Playhouse (where "Candide" played)

Rehearsal Dates:
January 3rd- February 17th

Performance Dates:
February 18th-March 13th

Call: 650-949-7417 and leave message.

Just as a side note? Sweeney is my favorite show...ever. Brilliant, brilliant work of art...with all that that entails. heightened sense of drama, moments of very dark humor, haunting score. Incredible.

And this will be on a very intimate level.

I saw what is famously known as the "Teeny Sweeney" at the Circle in the Square theatre in NY, and it was an entirely different experience than seeing the original (and huge) Broadway production. But it was a very powerful experience.

Don't miss this opportunity...if you're an be in it. If you're an audience see what Jay and FMT do with it.

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