Thursday, September 30, 2004

Anecdote from FMT company member down in Salinas

When we l closed "Ragtime", Bill E. was one of those who already had his next gig lined up: Sweeney Todd at The Western Stage in Salinas.

So, if you want to get a look at the show before auditions at FMT, take the drive and go see it.

Meanwhile, Bill shares with us this little anecdote from his rehearsals:

After all the massive set pieces were finally available, a stumble-through was held and assignments made to cast members to assist with scene changes.  This was done over two nights and all actors had multiple assignments; that is, all actors but me!  I am sitting in the house thinking, what's up?  Even when I raised my hand to volunteer, I didn't get an assignment.  The next evening, before rehearsals began, I cornered the stage manager and expressed my concern and embarrassment for being left out of these needed assignments.  His response, "Well, we saw that you still needed the use of a cane in the prologue and the epilogue, and we didn't want to exacerbate the condition which required the use of the cane."  (Ruthie Mullins should be roaring at this by now, as before rehearsals began I asked her to lend me a couple of canes for use by my character.)  I told the stage manager that this was a prop; an actor's choice.  His response, "But, you used it so well."  After conferring with the director, he returned to inform me "that even the Director didn't know it was an actor's choice."  HAPPY ENDING:  I got some scene change assignments. 

THE MORAL:  If you want to get out of moving the scenery choose a cane or crutches for your character!!!

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