Friday, August 13, 2004

Thursday's Audience: Big and Wildly Enthusiastic

I happen to hike regularly with the spouse of a Ragtimer. he has seen the show FOUR times!

Including last night.

Apparently he was impressed not only with the size of the audience on a Thursday night (not typically your busiest theatre evening) but also its enthusiasm.

He ventured a guess that this audience may have topped the three others he has been a part of with their ecstatic response to the show.

Standing ovations have been the norm, but last night several folks started standing in the dark, before the first cast member appeared for a bow.

And that's nice. Usually folks save the standing until later in the curtain call, for perhaps their favorite leading character. And then talk afterwards about how everyone was just so good. This was one audience that made sure that everyone, from ensemble on up, knew how goof they were!

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