Sunday, August 15, 2004

Saw the Show Again Last Night

So, if you haven't bought your tickets by now, you've missed your shot I suppose, but then it's only right that I taunt you with another discussion of how much this show rocks. I saw it again last night, and it has not only held up well, but actually improved in some areas.

Let me just say that this is not only my opinion. Something I was really struck by was the wild enthusiasm of the audience. I have seen many an "event" theatre production, and indulge me while I drop some, well, not names, but theatre experiences:

I saw the closing performance of "Song & Dance" with Betty Buckley, and her very large fanatical fan following in the house.

I saw the 9/13/01 performance of "The Producers" with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. Yes, that's the first night Broadway went back on after 9/11.

I saw Opening Night of Barbara Cook on Broadway back in the 80's, and she has her own fanatical fan following to boast about.

I saw a performance of Gypsy last September where Bernadette received a full standing ovation after finishing "Rose's Turn". We simply couldn't wait until the curtain call.

I think this audience may have been as, if not more, ecstatic. After every number we basically applauded until the next scene started, no matter how long that took. And the scene changes are just not that admirable! There was whistling (well at least from me) there was screaming and whooping. It's always fun to be part of such a raucous, enthusiastic can't help but be pulled in.

I had better seats this time (last time I was craning around a person in front of me the whole time) so I caught a lot more little moments. All in all, I enjoyed it just as much the second time.

Here's the ultimate compliment a show gets from me:

I have a bad back, and sitting for periods of time without moving gets uncomfortable for me. So, I'm a constant watch-watcher. Mostly because I'm thinking, "how long until I can stand and stretch?" "Ragtime" is not a short show, I won't lie. The first act is over an hour and a half.

And I did not look at my watch once either time I saw the show. That is the highest praise a show can get from me!

I've posted a lot of the great comments I've received via email about this show. But feel free to keep sending them in. If nothing else...the cast will love to read them!

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