Friday, August 13, 2004

More of What's Next

If you read the "Candide" blog, you've meet late-blooming theatre-holic, Bill Ereñata.

Never having done theatre until six years ago, he's been on a non-stop tear since then...including already having several things lined up after "Ragtime":

Bill begins rehearsals on Saturday the 14th (yes, tomorrow!) for "Sweeney Todd" with The Western Stage in Salinas, performing during the month of October. 

Next up will be rehearsals for the Saratoga Drama Group's production of "South Pacific", yes the one starring Ms. Mary Melnick.

Bill hopes to audition for Foothill Music Theatre's winter musical, whatever that might be (never hurts to get your hints in early, Bill.) But following that, Bill is already cast in Saratoga Drama Group's "Pajama Game", which performs in May and June of 2005. 

Bill has goals outside theatre too, hoping to get a little vacation in there somewhere, and at least definitely visiting family in San Diego for the Christmas holidays, and greeting the new year in his usual manner with friends in Palm Springs. And of course he will save some time for three grandsons: Liam, Ronan, and Ben, already growing so quickly, but filling life with such sweet memories.

While Bill has his life planned out until mid-next year, ensemble member Wayne Stribling has it potential life narrowed down! He has two auditions scheduled for after "Ragtime": One with the Multi Ethnic Theater Company for "When You Comin' back Red Ryder?" and one with the African American Shakespeare company for "Beast."

I hope the producers from those theatres saw "Ragtime", because then they will have no question about whether to add Wayne to their roster ASAP!

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