Sunday, August 15, 2004

The List is Getting Smaller

So, I saw Artistic Director Jay Manley at the show last night, and he let slip (okay, I doggedly asked until he gave me a tidbit) that he has narrowed it down to four possible choices for the FMT Winter Musical.

Now, I know this would be a really hot tidbit if he had told me WHAT those 4 options were...but he didn't. Sorry.


I saw "Ragtime" twice! I really loved the story and all cast members. I noticed someone was shooting the show with profesional video camera at the back of the stage and I was wondering if I could buy it or not. I checked the official site, but it doesn't tell you how to contact them. Any idea?

Thank you
Unfortunately due to union rules that DVD will not be for sale. It was done for archival purposes only. Sorry.
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