Thursday, August 26, 2004

FMT Sheep featured in "A Little Princess"

One of my favorite parts of the FMT production of "Candide" this past Winter was the sheep.

One of FMT's sheep, Lyndsay Faye, is nicely featured in TheatreWorks' World Premiere production of "A Little Princess" which opens tomorrow evening. I saw the first public preview last night, and Lyndsay plays Lavinia, the "Little Princess" equivalent of Nellie Olsen.

(I hope you're all getting the "Little House on the Prairie" reference there?)

You can find out more about the show at, of course, the TheatreWorks blog:

The show runs now through September 19th at the Mountain View CPA on Castro Street.

I happened to see the literary basis of the performances, but couldn't picture what they cna look like on the stage. Hope the staging will blow my mind!
I'm fond of reading books and creating some images in my mind. When I have a chance to watch a performance I do it with great pleasure.
The venue mentioned here in mountain view is absolutely fantastic for kids when they do the theatre in the park performances. I wrote a review at - I've taken my kids to a few performances in summers past and it's been great. Highly recommended.
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