Friday, July 23, 2004

You Don't Think Actors Get Punchy?

A little bird (or should I say a fly on the wall) told me this amusing story from Hell Week:

"This served as my own form of entertainment for a little while yesterday: Backstage, we have several mirrors that are not of, shall we say, the highest quality. I'll be blunt: they are fun house mirrors. Well, yesterday evening I caught Joe Colletti entertaining himself for MINUTES in front of the stage right mirror (which makes you look like you have a really short, squished body and legs and a looooong head - I've sworn never to look in it again) by dancing around and posing and laughing at the way he looked in the mirror! It was quite amusing, to say the least. "

I figured if we're going to swell Joe's head up by talking about his wonderful, heroic, charitable efforts last weekend, we should at least engage in a little fun-making too. Life is about balance, Joe, balance!

Balance indeed :) Kinda like dancing on those blocks in Crime O' The Century

Yeah....I'll cop to it ;-) Once I figured out I wasn't really that shape, I had to enjoy myself. After 2-3 minutes, I even found a spot that made me look 5'10!

As the pin says, I *am* easily distracted by shiny objects...
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