Thursday, July 22, 2004

So How Did Our Bike Guy Do?

So you may recall from an earlier entry that one of our cast members wasn't going to be at rehearsal this past weekend, but was going to have a Hell Weekend of a different sort: biking 206 miles in 2 days for charity.

He has reported back on how it went, so let's hear it from Joe Colletti directly:

"I want to let you to know I had a great ride this weekend, and also say Thank You for the encouragement! This ride *really* pushed me to my limit, but I rode every mile, and saw "new country" inside myself as well as outside.

I'm really clear that I didn't do it alone. Even though Sunday was the second day of the ride - and a much hillier day than the first - I truly felt the love my friends and family were sending, and I flew up some of those hills at a pace that surprised me. Thanks again  :) Oh, so if you want to see how I spent Tech Weekend, here's a link to some of the pictures I took along the way.

See you at the theatre!


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