Friday, July 16, 2004

Sleep: Take It When You Can Get It!

Report from the trenches:

Last weekend was a weekend with some long days of rehearsal with a lunch break in the middle. Last saturday after coming back from lunch the cast first did some fine tuning work on music. Then they did some fine tuning work on staging.

At one point it becomes clear we are missing a certain member of the ensemble. At first people wonder: did we accidentally leave her behind at lunch? but no, she definitely was in a group that drove back to the theatre. People are calling out for Miss Missing. No response. The work continues on for another 10 minutes or so.

Then, looking spry and ready-to-go, Miss Missing saunters out of the wings. Turns out she had laid down, just for a second of course, in the wings, and promptly fallen fast asleep (and it must have fast, FAST asleep!)

And mind you, we're not even at HELL weekend yet! (That starts tomorrow...more on that later.)

So, the rest of her fellow ensemble members have devised a plan for Miss Missing. In order to keep track of her, they're going to tie a rope around her waist, just like Tateh and his little girl.

A good idea that demonstrated anew how art infuences our daily lives!

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