Wednesday, July 21, 2004

More reports from the "Tech Weekend" Trenches

Here's Tech Weekend from the perspective of the cast (and remember, that weekend is not about them, it's about the production staff.)

On finally getting into your full costume, from Paul, our Tateh, who keeps a closely shorn and clean-shaven look in real life:
"So here's what I have to wear for the show: wool pants, shirt, wool vest, wool coat, wool overcoat, wool cap, wig, beard, moustache ... in July! Oh, and I just found out yesterday that they're also wigging me -- ugh. I was wet by the time we finished the opening number last night, and I wasn't even wearing the wig/moustache/beard."

What, they couldn't they find a nice, immigrant-y seersucker?

On killing time on- and off-stage, from Ray Renati who wins the award for most high-techy actor up there:
"Off-stage I watched "Schindler's List" and "The Two Towers" on a mini-DVD player, along with taking some digital photographs (and napping.) Onstage I played backgammon on my PDA."

OK, I could see "Schindler's List getting you into the oppressed Immigrant frame of mind, but "The Two Towers"?

Speaking of digital photography, Wendell, who does performance photography, estimates he as taken over 1300 pictures of the process of putting "Ragtime" on stage!

One of our Little Boy's, Andrew, actually fell asleep in his bed onstage during Saturday's Tech. I envy that ability to tune out everything around you!

But then again, he's not the only one. Lots of people mentioned trying to catch some sleep. Gregory even tried to master the art of sleeping standing up while they were tech'ing that epic opening number that I've mentioned before. he did not master the art, unfortunately.

But by Monday night everyone agreed that all of the "hellish" tech work over the weekend had paid off, and the show was running like clockwork.

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