Friday, July 23, 2004

A Little Shout-Out to the Crew for Opening Night!

I was at a conference today where one of the speakers said that people get up in the morning and thnk about themselves. Then the second thing they think about is themselves, and so on.

Well, our "Ragtime" family often thinks about peple other than themselves, as evidence by this message I got from our Evelyn Nesbit, Ms. Jessica:

"I was hoping that there was some way that you could highlight the outstanding work that the crew on this show has done. Robbie (Younger Brother) and I were talking yesterday, and he mentioned that he was able to see house set coming in the other night, and it was such a smooth set change that it could make you cry from its beauty. We really appreciate their dedicated work. I also want to give particular notice to Karina, the corset master! Since every other woman in the show has at least three other costumes to deal with, plus a wig, and the boys have even more, I felt like I was intruding to ask someone to use their valuable prep time to help me with my corset. Fortunately, Karina AWESOMELY volunteered. She is an expert corset lacer from her vast experience with them in other shows, and she takes the time to lace me up and let me out of my corset every time, even if that happens to be during one of her (very few) breaks. She is THE BEST!!"

And if you've ever tried to get in or out of a corset yourself, you know it just can't be done. You can only get by with a little help from your friends. Although they don't feel so much like a friend when they're lacing you into the corset (think Scarlet O'Hara...yikes.)


We have an incredibly great crew for this show, one that manuevers around hordes of cast, yet gets everything done and has virtually absolved all cast members of having to be involved in set changes. They are really great! -Doug
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