Thursday, July 08, 2004

Lest You Think It Was ALL Tedium

So, my previous entry painted a pretty bleak picture of the "fun" level of yesterday's rehearsal.

Turns out they waited to have the fun until after I went home!

Like this little anecdote fed to me by a secret source:

At one point "Bat Ears" Cathy was reminding the cast about the intonation and sound shaping she had drilled into them. Everyone knew they were supposed to be going for a mature sound, but instead, the sound was more youthful, like a bunch of twenty-somethings.

On hearing a comment about twenty-somethings, quipster Mary Melnick (playing Mother) chimed in:

"I hope that was me!"

Without missing a beat, Ruthe Mullins retorted by quoting back Mary's big number to her: "WE CAN NEVER GO BACK TO BEFORE."

Now, that got the biggest laugh of the night!

(The kind of laugh that is bolstered by knowing that Mary is a youthful woman, so there would be no running off in tears!)

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