Monday, July 26, 2004

Initial Feedback on "Ragtime"

So I'm not the only one who is loving this production.

Check out C. Michael Traw's brief review from his Newsletter, Tales & Tidbits":

"I did catch the final dress of RAGTIME at Foothill College on Thursday last. It was one of the best shows that I have ever seen in the Bay Area and not to be missed. It plays until August 15, so there is plenty of time to catch this wonderful production. All the cast members are exciting to watch and hear and many of our friends are in this production: Stephane Alwyn, Kathy Burch, Joe Colletti, Steve Completo, Bill Ereneta, Brandon Hemmig, Kevin Kirby, Mary Melnick, Jolin Milberg, Ruth E. Mullins, Jennifer Oku, Steve Thannisch, and lots of other very talented people. The production is dedicated to Teresa Patrick whose picture adorns the front cover. She will be definitely be missed but would have been so proud to have been a part of this show. Order your tickets now."

Here are some other excerpts from emails received from "Ragtime" audience members (and some blog readers.)

"C. Michael isn't kidding about "Ragtime" over at Foothill.  Caught the show Saturday, and it's pretty much flawless.  What a great evening of even greater voices.  Not only did the voices blend, but you could Understand Every Word.  Kudo's to the vocal coach, whoever that may be. Congratulations to all who are involved, as well as a big thank you for putting in the time and effort on this one.  It was a joy to behold."

"Don't miss "Ragtime"; it was truly wonderful.  It was the first show in a long time where I jumped up immediately for a standing ovation.  They really performed with their hearts, and it showed.  Jay, Tyler and Kathy did a fantastic job directing them"

""Ragtime" is a MUST SEE!!!!! It is very seldom that a college production has this much talent and quality performances across the board. I have paid 5 times as much to see "professional" shows that were not even half as good as this production of "Ragtime"."

Collective blush everyone!

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