Monday, July 12, 2004

As Requested: Show Time Details

Although it can be found in an earlier blog entry, I think it's time to re-post when the show is actually playing.

We are now 11 days from Opening Night.

The Opening weekend is Friday July 23rd and Saturday the 24th at 8pm, with a Sunday matinee on the 25th at 2:30pm.

There are three subsequent weekends that run:

Thursday-Saturday at 8PM
Sunday at 2:30PM

So, the show closes on Sunday August 15th.

The ticket prices range from $10 for Children (no discount code available for them) to $24 for Adults. The $2 discount is good for Adult (orig. $24), Senior (orig. $22) and Student (orig. $18) level ticket purchases.

Here's a link to the official "Ragtime" site with a calendar of show times, if you like pictures better than words!

Ragtime's official site

Don't forget you must enter the promo code BLOG in the appropriate box. The link in the right hand bar of this blog works, and here it is again:

Foothill's Ragtime tickets via Ticket Web

See you there.

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