Monday, June 21, 2004

Foothill Loses a Friend

Once people work at Foothill, they tend to stick around. As you could see by my other posts about people being repeat visitors to the Foothill stage, lots of folks on stage and behind the scenes have been part of the Foothill Family a long time.

And our family lost a member recently, and I would just like to pay her tribute here.

Teresa Patrick was a big part of first the theatre and then the music department at Foothill. She was our pianist through many auditions, rehearsals and performances. More than simply a pianist. I mean, I'm a pianist, but she was an artist.

But many people will remember Teresa as much for her personality as her piano. She was this little (and coming from me that means something!) feisty person full of positive energy. When Teresa was around you just knew you were going to work on something until it was great, and you knew she believed it was going to be great, and, and she made you believe it too.

I remember almost a decade ago Teresa went through some challenging personal times. But her attitude was that this was just the start of a great new phase in her life, and that her life was going to get even better. And it wasn't some forced positive attitude where you imagined that someday she was just going to explode. Nope, you believed it. You believed she believed it.

Our production of "Ragtime" is going to be dedicated to Teresa. Teresa will join those other sorely missed members of our Foothill Family as they inspire us, even as they are no longer here with us.

Many performers have commented that they'd always breath a sigh of relief if they arrived at an audition to find that Teresa would be accompanying them. She was a brilliant artist, reinforcing and encouraging the very best from each performer. I, too, appreciated her unparalleled skill as an accompanist, but that's not why I was delighted to arrive and find her there. For me, it was that as the last person I'd see before I took that bare, often lonely audition stage, she had a magical way of giving ... well ... maybe a wink, maybe a word, maybe just a smile, but always something that made me -- and no doubt every other performer she ever worked with -- feel that ... it was all going to be OK. She was priceless.
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