Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Don't Forget the Musicians in a Musical

Actors may get the applause. Directors may get the glory. Writers may get the kudos.

But exactly where would a musical be without the musicians?

I've never seen an a capella musical (although it IS kind of an interesting concept!)

So one of our hardy musicians, Harry Johnson, wanted to pipe in and let everyone know how long HE has been climbing the stairs at Foothill:

"This will be my 8th summer musical at Foothill.  I’ve been lugging my cello up the hill since 1991 (that deserves some recognition – you should see my calf muscles!). Shows I was in the pit for include the following: Carousel (1991); My Fair Lady (1993); Music Man (1994); Kiss Me Kate (1996); Oklahoma (1999); Showboat (2001); On the Town (2002); and now Ragtime (2004).  I love doing shows at Foothill and feel that the Orchestra is a big part of what makes the shows so special."

Well, Harry is right, and he's right not to let us forget it!

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