Thursday, June 10, 2004

And Who Has Done the Most Foothill Shows?

I also noticed a preponderance of folks who come back to work at FMT again and again. So Informally polled on that topic too.

The winner here must be Joe Colletti, as "Ragtime" marks his 11th show at Foothill!

His first show was "Boys from Syracuse" back in 1991 (and I was in that show with him, which dates us both!) Since then he has been a real Foothill trouper, playing everything from ensemble roles to principals like Zangara in "Assassins" and Henrik in "A Little Night Music"

There are other folks who are repeaters too...both Carly Ozard and Patrick Kelleher are on Show #6. We've got others like Doug Brees, Annette Stenger and the Stanford brothers who mtch them show for show.

Just like those who travel long distances to work at Foothill, these repeat "customers" cite quality as the draw. Knowing they're going to be in a high caliber (at least 3 people used that exact term) production makes all the difference.

Oddly one mentioned the great work-out attained by climbing the stairs at Foothill as a draw. Hmm.

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